Wobble Imposter

Wobble Imposter Guys is a fun and interesting puzzle game. Your mission is simple: Save Yourself From Security Officers Who Will Catch You, And Avoid CCTV That Will Make Security Alarms Sound !!

The Fleeing Impostor

Keep an eye on the Security Officers - there are Impostor hiding among us! Can you quickly escape the conman among the crew?

Impostor Crew War

The rules are simple: Hunt down all surviving crew, Shoot and escape through the vents to become the best Impostor ever. Be careful, if you get killed from an enemy Impostor weapon, you will have to start all over again.

Impostor Crew Kills

Impostor Crew Kills is exciting and thriller puzzle game. Your mission is simple: Execute all crewmates in the spaceship. Impostor Hunt is a completely new take on the mafia in a space setting!